Bringing the biz into design and design into the biz

When I am helping my clients business with increasing they’re exposure and improving sales, I am usually approached with “I need a brochure” or “I need a website”. True, having your own business, you need all of these things and more but many times new businesses (start ups) can’t afford all the things that go into designing AND marketing they’re company to the level they need for great success. That is why I put in a few simple focal points in which a new business can break into heavy marketing avenues that they can do on they’re own. See below.

3 MAJOR COMPONENTS to marketing:

NURTURE your relationships with your clients or potential clients

-Welcome email series

-Lead nurturing campaign

-Special Offers

-Weekly email newsletters

-Social media posts


Get TRAFFIC to your site


-Online Advertising

-Social Media Marketing

-Guest Blogging

-Facebook Advertising



CONVERSIONS of your efforts

-Irresistible Lead Magnet

-Newsletter opt-in

-Free Strategy Session

-Request a Quote Now

-Free Resources or Tools